October 12, 2012


This will be one of the several posts dedicated to my yearly visit back east.
Thank you for joining me as I reflect back on my trip and food adventures.  Enjoy~

Cinnabon via http://munchimunch.blogspot.com/

Before my trip back east, I was craving Cinnabon like crazy.  The only Cinnabon available in Utah is inside Salt Lake City International Airport.  I flew out of SLC twice this year, but have never been able to find the Cinnabon located within.  The next few closest Cinnabon locations would be in Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.  As much as I crave Cinnabon, I would not deliberately go out of my way to find some.

So when my brother, his friend Dave and I stopped at a pit stop along the drive south to Washington D.C. to visit some relatives and friends, I bought myself a sweet little snack!

Cinnabon via http://munchimunch.blogspot.com/

I haven't had Cinnabon in a really long time.  I've never been able to finish the regular Cinnabon, a large cinnamon roll drenched in a sugary frosting, and would normally buy the Cinnabon Stix instead, also known as Cinnastixs, sticks of baked Danish pastry dough covered in cinnamon and sugar that you could dip into the side of frosting provided.

Nowadays, Cinnabon has more offerings such as the Minibon, the Minibites, Pecanbon Bites, Caramel Pecanbon, Chocobon, Churro, CinnaPretzel and the Center of the Roll.

Cinnabon via http://munchimunch.blogspot.com/

I purchased the Minibites, four bite-sized versions of the original Cinnabon.  The ooey gooey chewy bun with the sickeningly sweet sugar frosting sure hit the spot.  I had these with a cup of black coffee and they were the perfect pick me up for the rest of the drive.

If you have a Cinnabon located around you, please don't take it for granted!  Go out, grab yourself a sweet treat and eat an extra one for me!!

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