August 10, 2012


326 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 801 819 7565

A few friends from the East Coast visited me a while back.  A Utah friend of mine suggested Gracie's and so we all agreed to meet there for dinner and drinks.  

Gracie's wasn't hard to find.  Once our group got together, we walked inside and were told to go on upstairs.  Once upstairs, we stood around aimlessly, waiting by the stairs until one of us asked a Gracie's employee to seat us.  Strike one.  

After being seated, we waited for quite some time before a server greeted us and gave us menus.  While we were all busy catching up with everyone and having our own conversations, Gracie's was not busy enough for the lack of attention given to us.  Strike two.  

Someone finally greeted our table and received our orders.  

Gracie's via

I should note that most of the drinks on the menu were not available.  Not sure if they ran out of ingredients.  I should also note that *everyone* did not like their drinks.  Mine especially.  I ordered the Cantalope Martini, Cuervo Silver Tequila with fresh cantalope, agave nectar in a chilled martini class with a pinch of sea salt.  One sip and I could tell something was terribly wrong.  My drink was passed around the table to see if anyone else could cope with the horribleness, but it was eventually taken away by our server and taken off the bill.  

Gracie's via

My friend ordered the Truffle Peruvian Chips, purple potato chips fried and tosses with sea salt.  I'm surprised I was able to take a picture since they were immediately gobbled up by the whole table.  

Gracie's via

We all ordered different cuisines.  (I don't have a picture, but the 'pho' on the menu was anything but.  It had more bean sprouts than noodles!)  I ordered the Garlic Ox Burger pictured above with sharp cheddar in a toasted onion bun with sweet potato fries.  Once again, it took a really long time before our food came out.  The fact that this burger was delicious did not help since the food was only warm and not hot as if it just came out of the kitchen.  Strike three.  

The service, during and after the meal, was laughable.  We did not have enough utensils for everyone.  Someone spilled their water and we had to walk over to the bar to ask for additional napkins to clean up.  No one cleaned up or asked if we needed any additional drinks or checked on us.  And we had to wait over 45 minutes before going to the bar and asking someone for the bill.  

While the food was good, the service was not.  I would not go back to Gracie's even if I was starving and I don't recommend that you do either!!!  

Side Notes:
Must be 21 years of age or older.  There are outside patios which allow dancing.


  1. I'm sorry to hear the service was horrible. From reading your story, it is kind of like a joke. How can basic things be so bad?! Well, it's shame that food is good enough but the rest failed horribly. Oh and the drink... it's not so hard to screw up, right? I'm sorry about the experience!

    1. It is not your fault. =)

      It was a horrible first experience. I don't quite understand though since a lot of people go there and do recommend this place. I guess it doesn't really matter since it is also my last experience of Gracie's!


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