May 18, 2012

'Bout Time Pub & Grub

'Bout Time Pub & Grub via

6522 South Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Holladay, UT 801 733 0228

'Bout Time Pub & Grub via

We woke up early for a photo shoot of Mr. Munchimunch's drift car by Old Mill and Little Cottonwood Canyon and grabbed some excellent shots.  (The above was only taken with my phone’s camera.)  After the photo shoot, the group of us were famished.  Seeing that we were in the area and didn't want to take several cars to a different location, we spontaneously stopped by to give ‘Bout Time a try.

'Bout Time Pub & Grub via

I love olives and I love bacon.  So I started us off with bacon wrapped olives!  They came out piping hot with some bleu cheese sauce for dipping.  While the menu said they were Cajun spiced, they weren't bad at all.  (I really can’t take anything spicy so that means a lot coming from me.)  The crunchiness of the bacon paired with the saltiness of the olives was a pop of yumminess in my mouth!  I’d totally order these again!

'Bout Time Pub & Grub via

'Bout Time Pub & Grub via

I then tried my luck again with the garlic burger.  Unlike Rumrz’s garlic burger, ‘Bout Time’s garlic burger had minced garlic incorporated with the burger patty along with a dollop of minced garlic on top.  The bread was nicely toasted and topped with the normal veggies plus garlic mayo for extra garlicky flavor.  My mouth is watering right now thinking back on this meal!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take any pictures of the other orders.  The boys started eating before I could ask to take pictures.  But with all their empty plates, I could tell they also enjoyed their food.

I totally suggest stopping by ‘Bout Time.  Let me know when because I’ll totally join you!

Side notes:
There are several locations within the Salt Lake Valley.  Also, go and check their website before stopping by as they offer weekly deals.


  1. I actually think there is one of these near my house - I shoudl try it out!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised and I hope you will be too! Let me know if you order the bacon wrapped olives. ^_^


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